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2010 WGA Update -

Hello Fellow WGA Members and Associate Members,

As you look through some of the updates on the WGA website some of our most recent highlights and additions this past year include the WGA sponsoring Chaplin Mike Neil to fly back to Pennsylvania to assist in helping Pennsylvania's Fish and Wildlife Officers cope with one of their own being killed in the line of duty, the 2010 Chief For a Day in Burien, WA hosted by CJTC, and the 2010 WGA Treasure's report.

Chaplin Mike Neil's Trip to Pennsylvania (www.mikeneil.org for complete story)

In November 2010 Pennsylvania Game Warden David Grove was shot and killed in the line of duty. I received a phone call from our WDFW Chaplin/WGA member Mike Neil who told me he felt a need to go back to Pennsylvania and assist in any way he could since Pennsylvania Fish and Game did not have a Chaplin. Chaplin Neil told me he had already been in contact with fallen officer Grove's FTO, best friend and mentor Kevin Mountz in which Chaplin Neil could be in Pennsylvania from Wednesday through Sunday to assist in any way he could. The WGA board approved the sponsorship of Chaplin Neil's travels to Pennsylvania and without spoiling the story as perceived from Chaplin Neil's eyes from his webpage the trip was a huge success. Not only was Chaplin Neil able to be there for several individuals and families, he also made a friend for life with fallen officer Grove's FTO/best friend Kevin Mountz.

Please see the complete story as written from Chaplin Mike Neil at his website www.mikeneil.org off of the homepage. One of the most touching things that came from this is an e-mail I received from HQ stating the following...

I received a call from Reverend Ed Gresick, retired Pennsylvania Conservation Officer now  Reverend, ref starting a chaplaincy.  He said that due to you coming to PA for the death of their  Officer   and they were so impressed with you, it has started a chain reaction and now they  want to start their own.  He thought instead of re-inventing the wheel, he would go to the source  and get your thoughts and plans on how to begin.  Please call him at --------------.

It is things like this that make the WGA what we are today when we reach out and help one of our own even if they are on opposite sides of the United States.
2010 Chief for a Day

On the WGA website you will see a link on the main homepage taking you to a video clip of the Chief for a Day event. Please take a look at this well done video clip highlighting the special day the WGA made for one special child. I spoke to one of our newly hired Fish and Wildlife Officers who was at CJTC when this event occurred and was assigned to be with our designated Chief for a Day. This officer shared with me that he was extremely moved not only by the way everyone involved made the children feel incredibly special but was honored to see an organization such as the WGA step up and sponsor this event on behalf of all Game Warden's in the State of Washington. As a state agency WDFW was not allowed to sponsor this event with gifts without doing a "pass the coffee can around at the office" to obtain funds. WGA members came forward and requested that the WGA assist in any way that we could and when you see the look on our sponsored child's face you can see that things like this are truly special.

2010 Treasures Report

Please click on "Membership" followed by "General News & Announcements" to see our 2010 Treasures Report on where the WGA has been most active.

As a reminder those of you who have seen WGA gear out and about by fellow members and would like to order some items for yourselves or as gifts please contact Officer Jeff Lee.

NAWEOA Conference
The WGA has been asked by the North American Enforcement Officers Association if we would like to sponsor a social night at the July 14-21, 2013 conference in Boise, Idaho. As a commissioned member if you would like the WGA to go forward, organize and sponsor this event please vote per the web address that was sent out to you earlier. This is an opportunity for the WGA to be part of a great event on behalf of all Game Wardens across the United States.

Updates, Citizen Awards, Sponsorship etc.
If you have pictures, stories or anything you would like added to the website please contact your local WGA representative, AND;

As a WGA member if you have a sponsorship event or an award/recognition you would like to give someone in your local area and it meets our core values and mission statement please get a hold of your local WGA representative. We are receiving some great ideas from our members whereas the WGA has sponsored several events.

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