wga President's Message

The Washington Game Warden Association is a non-profit that is made up of Active and Retired Washington State Fish and Wildlife Officers. This Association strives to give back to our local communities in which we serve; to provide scholarships to college students, donate to local civic groups, donate to Officer down memorial funds and many other great causes. This Association was also formed to help achieve a family like atmosphere outside of our careers, which is something I am passionate about.

A great Sergeant once told me, "there are two families in this career, one at home and one while you are at work" I am a true believer in this statement and hope to help continue building that with our work family.

The WGA has been changing and as is the times. You will notice our website is different, our merchandise is different and several other aspects within the WGA is changing. The Executive Board is passionate about making the WGA the best it can be for our members and with that if there are ever any changes that you would like to see, please reach out to anyone of us. We truly hold the Viridi Tenui Linea - The Thin Green Line.

Thank you,
Tyler Bahrenburg
Washington Game Warden Association Past President