Washington State Fish and Wildlife Officers, or Game Wardens as they are commonly called, are perhaps the best trained law enforcement officers in the state.

Defensive Tactics

Washington State Game Wardens practice defensive tactics several times a year. Some of the areas they focus on are take downs, compliance holds, weapon retention, and ground fighting.


All officers qualify annually with duty handguns, off-duty handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Training also includes tactical scenarios.

Emergency Vehicle Operations

Washington Game Wardens patrol in Chevy and Ford quarter and half ton pickup trucks. They are trained in operating those vehicles at high speeds as well as a slow speed skills course, which emphasizes sharp turns and backing the vehicle through a series of obstacles.

Game Wardens are also trained to use All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs/quads), which they also use for patrolling Washington State.

Dart Guns and Immobilization Drugs

Game Wardens are trained to use dart guns and immobilization drugs when dealing with problem wildlife such as deer and elk or dangerous wildlife such as bears and cougars.

First Aid / CPR

Officers are trained and certified in first aid and CPR every year.